Wpadultscript does not save any video on the server. So you don’t require a big & expensive server. Wpadultscript grabs ( video title, video image & embed code ) from source websites so Wpadultscript needs very basic server required to run an adult video blog website. Wpadultscript runs smoothly on shared server. Wpadultscript save your lots of money.

  • Server Type: Linux Server (WAS is fully compatible on Linux environment).
  • Apache Version: 2.2.8 or above.
  • PHP 4 Or PHP 5.
  • Max Execution Time should be ZERO (0) [max_execution_time = 0] in php.ini
  • MySQL Version: 5.0.5 or above.
  • CURL enabled.
  • mb_detect_encoding enabled.
  • Apache URL Rewriting on.
  • SimpleXML enabled.
  • WordPress 2.9 or above.
* You can grab unlimited numbers of porn videos so you need to change [max_execution_time = 0] default time is (30) in php.ini. When you grab thousands of videos then script takes time so you need to set max_execution_time UNLIMITED [max_execution_time = 0] in your php.ini. We have already coded in script but it does not work on some server. You need to set in php.ini.
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