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WpAdultScript is Premium WordPress Tube Plugin/Theme software for WordPress. In this package, you will get WpAdultScript(Plugin) + WpAdultScript(Themes). You can make your own tube website in few minutes.

No. there is no other software requirement to run Wpadultscript. Just need WordPress installed on server.

wpadultscript does not download any videos on your server. It only grabs video title, videos image and video embed code from the source website.

No need to purchase dedicated server. It fully compatible on shared server. Wpadultscript needs basic server requirement to run WAS(Plugin). It is fully compatible with Linux Server.

Yes, WpAdultScript provides you the FULL source code.

WAS Theme Single Domain License But WAS(Plugin) With GPL(Unlimited Website),  

We Offer Unlimited website Use Of WAS theme Terms First you have to remove License of first.The license is Only Change the setting of the theme & Also Upgrade.

We will provide you Download Page Login To Wpadultscript Account. You can get all updates from the Download page. And You Can Also Download Without Manually if you have the correct license key.

When source webpage has no new videos then Wpadultscript(plugin) does not grab videos. If source page has new videos & still Wpadultscript not grabbing then Please login to our support forum and download the latest update. Wpadultscript Feed often breaks & we regularly update our Wpadultscript code.

Yes, you can add “Developer License” to any WpAdultScript package. Please contact us for “Developer License”.

Yes, it is possible to add your own feed in your WpAdultScript. Price is $25/Feed + Life Time FREE Support if that feed break. Please contact us for more details.

Don’t worry if you did not receive product yet after payment. Please contact us and send your Payment email id and transaction id after you purchased WpAdultScript. We Offer You Can Immediately Download WAS(THEME&PLUGIN) After Payment.

WpAdultScript is compatible with other WordPress themes. please click here to know more about other compatible themes. If you have WAS(Pro) then we will FREE customize other WordPress theme and make compatible with WpAdultScript.

Wpadultscript support customize plugin/theme that we have developed only. We do not customize plugin/theme that others developed. But still, you can show us the other theme you will use over Wpadultscript.